The D&J plant in 1999

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The D&J plant in 2019

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We have over 45 years of experience in the soft plastic lure manufacturing business. Our founder, Dennis Montgomery, began in 1976 when he was hired by Tom and Don Mann at one of the first plastic injection molding companies in the fishing industry. In 1997, Dennis and his wife, Joyce, started D&J Plastics in a small building with only 3 employees and 2 customers. We now work for over 400 brands in 16 countries, ranging from your local mom and pop shop to national brands and major retailers.

We currently have two facilities that allow us the ability to manufacture a wide range of products to meet customer needs. Our primary operation located in Georgia was recently expanded, bringing it to over 65,000 square feet. Our second facility, which is located in Guatemala, is over 50,000 square feet and offers a differentiated range of production services allowing us a strong combination of machine and hand labor manufacturing. Both facilities are ethically run to all safety and environmental regulations.